First Full Day

We left Salida around 11:30 Denver bound to attend Karens birthday party. Our goal was to find Hwy 86 east for Limon and I-70. After two tries and a few choice comments, we found our way to the Limon truck stop and our little guy parked along with the big guys for the night. There was an eerie string of red lights blinking rhythmically along the horizon that made us think of “ET phone home”. We realized in the morning that it was windmills!
Off we went eastbound by 8:30. Simon is a good traveler and pays attention to what’s going on (when he’s not sleeping.) Rick wanted to get a bit of exercise and suited up for a short ride. Simon and I reorganized the gear and then watched the race cars at the local fairground. We headed east to find Rick along Hwy 36 sharing some of our “scenic” ride with farm equipment that slowed us down to 20 mph for a while!
We saw the sign for an historic marker and here I am just about in the geographic center of the US. Wow.
Tonight we are in marysville, ks in the SuperWalmart parking lot. The wind has finally died down and it should be quieter than last night. We plan to get up early and keep heading east.

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