Ready for day 17



We’re ready to start today’s adventure. Last night was the sixteenth straight night in the trailer.

Acadia NP is pretty cool. The drive up route one had been awesome. We were lucky to get the last trailer site the camp lady said. It’s fairly quiet, but it’s getting close to the end of their season. We imagine this place is very busy during season. Even now there are lots of people here in the park and on the park roads.

Great meal last night cooked on the fire. That’s codfish, fresh.

It’s time to go



Simon seems to worry a little that we might leave him behind. Sometimes he makes sure we won’t by hanging out in spots he knows we’ll need to occupy. Like here on the driver’s side floor.

It was a good nights sleep. We’d recommend this park.

Oglala, NE Super Walmart


Not much of a campsite but we are tired and just want to get s little sleep. There are two lots here. One specially for semi’s and RVs.

Saw a huge rainbow on Interstate 80. We listened to the whole Bronco’s and Dallas Cowboys game on the AM radio.


Simon is riding well but he’s nervous tonight and didn’t eat much.


The time to pack

It took longer for us to pack for this trip than any other time I remember. Perhaps it was because we decided to minimize as much as possible. In the past we probably would have just thrown everything in until the space was filled up. Well we think we’ve learned a thing or two about what is really needed on a traveling trip across the country. We started packing and prepping, days and days ago. This morning was all about bringing it all together. Where everything gets placed and where we take it from was all carefully considered. I find that walking through the house helps me to know what I’ve packed and if all my daily needs are accounted for. Anyway this post marks the date and time we actually left for this adventure.

Interlaken Horse Stables


Just wanted to show this picture of the Interlaken horse stables. I thought it’s a good pic. You need to walk a couple of miles along the opposite side of the lower Twin Lake to reach this spot these days. Apparently before they dammed one end there was a land bridge between the lakes to get to it.