Ready for day 17



We’re ready to start today’s adventure. Last night was the sixteenth straight night in the trailer.

Acadia NP is pretty cool. The drive up route one had been awesome. We were lucky to get the last trailer site the camp lady said. It’s fairly quiet, but it’s getting close to the end of their season. We imagine this place is very busy during season. Even now there are lots of people here in the park and on the park roads.

Great meal last night cooked on the fire. That’s codfish, fresh.

It’s time to go



Simon seems to worry a little that we might leave him behind. Sometimes he makes sure we won’t by hanging out in spots he knows we’ll need to occupy. Like here on the driver’s side floor.

It was a good nights sleep. We’d recommend this park.

Oglala, NE Super Walmart


Not much of a campsite but we are tired and just want to get s little sleep. There are two lots here. One specially for semi’s and RVs.

Saw a huge rainbow on Interstate 80. We listened to the whole Bronco’s and Dallas Cowboys game on the AM radio.


Simon is riding well but he’s nervous tonight and didn’t eat much.


The time to pack

It took longer for us to pack for this trip than any other time I remember. Perhaps it was because we decided to minimize as much as possible. In the past we probably would have just thrown everything in until the space was filled up. Well we think we’ve learned a thing or two about what is really needed on a traveling trip across the country. We started packing and prepping, days and days ago. This morning was all about bringing it all together. Where everything gets placed and where we take it from was all carefully considered. I find that walking through the house helps me to know what I’ve packed and if all my daily needs are accounted for. Anyway this post marks the date and time we actually left for this adventure.

Interlaken Horse Stables


Just wanted to show this picture of the Interlaken horse stables. I thought it’s a good pic. You need to walk a couple of miles along the opposite side of the lower Twin Lake to reach this spot these days. Apparently before they dammed one end there was a land bridge between the lakes to get to it.

North Fork Lake


We took a ride up to North Fork Reservoir since we were spending a number of days down at the Angel of Shavano CG. Rough road, but beautiful spot once you get there. Four wheel drive and high clearance is recommended.


North Fork Res. is high enough altitude that Simon was able to find snow! He loves snow.

Day 5 — White’s RV Park and Carlsbad Caverns

If you like desert camping then you’d probably like this place. Hot, dry, and windy. This is a private campground. There seemed to be no one here until very late in the day when some other tent campers showed up. At least there was plenty of sunshine for our solar panel. The fridge started showing an error light probably due to the heat. In reality it wasn’t that hot, it was only 87 degrees. But for us that was hot. We kept hitting our heads on the metal awning, so we put our table and strung a cloths line to keep us from walking that way. Susan kept walking into the other side.  Hot showers and clean bathrooms.  We do have sketchy wifi though.

There’s this drumming kind of sound in the distance that we can hear when mostly everything else is quiet. We can’t quite figure out what it is. Sort of sounds like a pressure release valve, or an angry, rhythmically challenged, adolescent trying to express himself. We could hear it all night. If it had had some sort of rhythm to it we probably could have gotten used to it.

Carlsbad Caverns is a site to see. You can take an elevator down to the really good stuff, but we chose to walk the original path. This is well worth the stop.  The kennels for Simon were filled and not very nice anyway.  Since there was a strong wind blowing and not very warm, he was happy to stay in the truck and wait for us. I have so many pictures that I’ll have to come back here and create a gallery.

Note: on the way north the next day, we saw a gas pressure release valve that was most likely the cause of the drumming sound.

Walked to Canada Today

Visited Niagara Falls today and decided to walk over the bridge to Canada. We were only slightly concerned since we had been turned away in 2010 and we didn’t have vaccination papers for Simon. Worth a try though.
The sort of friendly border agent asked about our previous entry denial but apparently our answers were ok so then she turned to Simon. He’s current on shots, eh? Yep. No papers required. So we got into Canada today and enjoyed the view from that side and the incredible gardens.


We’re tired tonight after walking from country to country. Simon is worn out from nearly catching the overly friendly squirrels that were everywhere.

Sunset Over Ontario

Took a walk with Simon our stowaway wheaten terrier just in time to catch this shot. We really don’t think anyone cares that he’s in the park without proof of rabies vaccination. Very peaceful in the “non electric” section but over where the big rigs are, it’s noisy and crowded. Gonna sleep good tonight!
img 7338

Day 4 – Bull Shoals to Milan, TN

Spent some time walking around the state park so once again did not get on the road till 11:30. Went the road less traveled and crossed the Mississippi somewhere in southern Missouri. Then into Tennessee where the trees are noticeably greener. Made it to Jackson and thought we’d stop there but too noisy so on we went to Milan. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Maybe Nashville?
img 7274

Dinosaur Tracks

Clayton lake is known for its dinosaur tracks that were uncovered when they constructed the dam. We took the time to see the tracks. Just a short 1/2 mile walk. Very interesting. Glad we did
img 7263

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

We had such a good time in the spring at this national park that we wanted to go back.  Our favorite site A-9 was already booked so we reserved site A-34.  Not as nice but we made it work.  Set up in the rain – white canopy and patio mat first.  Good system.IMG_7189

IMG_7202 We spent three nights here riding our road bikes on the rim, hiking the trail that allows dogs and checking out the diversion tunnel set up to send water to the Uncompaghre Valley.  We saw a young bear on the road back from the diversion tunnel! Also went to the Montrose Aquatic Center for a short swim and showers.  All in all, a fun weekend and not too far from home.



We are tightening up our “systems” for future travels, getting rid of things we really don’t use.  We left the umbrella at home and will not bring the small aluminum table any more.  We really like the additional space we have after taking out the air conditioner.

Crater lake

After we left Klamath falls we were getting very excited to set up home at crater lake. Our spirits dropped upon arrival when the “campground full” sign was posted. So disappointed! The nice lady at the visitor center told us about Annie’s Snopark 10 miles away. Set up camp but too many bugs and dirt for us. We stayed in the parking lot. Up at 6 am to register for a site when the opened at 7.
We are finally home and set up for a few days. Relaxing and enjoying the sites.
Internet and cell service is spotty and unreliable so it may be a few days before we write again.

After Lake Tahoe

We left Lake Tahoe heading to Lassen Volcanic National Park. Along the way we stopped for ice cream in Graeagle. Graeagle seems like a resort stop along highway 89. All the building are painted the same color and look like camp cabins. Turns out it was built just for that reason. The ice cream at Buckaroo’s was awesome. There is an open park right next door to it that you can sit in the grass in the shade.

IMG_5236 IMG_5237

Rest area stop

We needed a stop so pulled over at this rest area. No signage that this was the bonneville salt flats until we parked. Pretty cool to walk out in it – Simon thought it was snow and started rolling it it. Good thing there was a foot wash area so we could rinse off his paws and face!
Heading west on I-80 but not sure how far we will get. Lake Tahoe area tomorrow for a visit with my sister Rosemary.

Didn’t get all way to Dodge City

Found this cool stone in a road side stop. It shows the elevation of 716 feet and an arrow pointing north. Compared it to my iPhone compass app and sure enough it was north.

Just a shot of some highway from the drivers seat. I take pictures sometimes just to get the GPS location for later. When I get home I’ll map all the photos and have a record of our route. Kind of like electronic bread crumbs.

Susan gave this guy a brochure. I took this picture just in case he turned out to be a serial killer.

We’re parked in the Hutchinson, KS Walmart tonight. Rather than get groceries though we went next door to Applebee’s. There’s a Home Depot next door and we are pleasantly surprised they have an open and powerful wifi connection.

We didn’t quite make it to Dodge City like we wanted. We could have pushed it, but we’d much rather settle down for the evening before it gets dark.

Rainy night

It started raining just as we climbed in the LG for the night and it rained hard all night. Being from Colorado we don’t usually get that much rain all at once. It stopped by morning but it was still pretty wet.

wet picnic table

We are traveling on Highway 50 and drive through interesting small towns along this route. We thought this one had an unusual name, Rosebud.

photo 218

The rolling hills and farmland are very scenic. The drive today was stress free compared to yesterday and the confusion of St. Louis. Tonight we are in Hutchinson, KS which will most likely be the last night on the road for this trip.

Highway 50 west

The Versailles state park campground was very pretty in the day light. We both took showers after a very restful night. Simon slept in with us all night with no barking. We took a short walk through the woods before leaving. Nice place, recommend it if you are in eastern Indiana.
We are heading west towards St. Louis today on highway 50. A lot of small towns through the farmland. We drove 20 miles for a cup of coffee though.

Mostly Cloudy Day

Got rained on a lot today. Went through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Beautiful fall colors.

I think the highest point we drove through today.

This tunnel was even longer than the Eisenhower Tunnel we see on Loveland Pass in Colorado. It’s called the Allegheny Tunnel.

Longest day of driving yet. Longest time on interstates too. We’re tired. We’re in Versailles State Park in Indiana for the night. We don’t even know what it looks like yet because it was dark when we got here.

Little Guy big guy

We thought it was kind of funny to be parked near a big air stream this morning.

It rained some last night. It’s a soothing sound inside our cabin. Simon barked a lot last night at passersby and who knows what else. Finally at 1 a.m. I put him and his bed in the car.

We’re heading up toward I-70 this morning.

Afternoon at Gettysburg

Stopped in for a visit to the Gettysburg national park and museum. Turns out the park was officially closed by the museum is open. Technically the museum is run by a private foundation.

The parking lots were closed so we just pulled over to the side of the road and wondered around the fields. There are monuments all over the place. We are kind of surprised at how big it is.

The signs didn’t stop us from exploring. I figured it’s our national park. Just because there’s no one there with a park uniform on doesn’t mean we can’t see the park.

I highly recommend stopping to see the museum, the movie, and the diorama. The whole experience was emotionally moving. I wasn’t too excited about going, but I’m super glad we did.

A Day in the Park

While Rick was doing his laps around the park, Simon and I did our own laps on foot.

There’s a separate lane for fast cyclists, roller bladers and pedestrians or slow cyclists. We had the trail to ourselves most of the time.

We cooled off in the shade near the sandbox area where moms bring their kids to play. Even preschoolers were making short laps on the trail. Big biking community!

Got to ride today

Put in 20 miles on a beautiful loop at the Lehigh Preferred Cycle Center.

We’re camping in a field on the property. Nice and quiet, except for the crickets, but they’ll help put us to sleep.

Some shots of a day off from traveling

Best shower ever … Almost

We stayed in this resort campground for the peace, quiet and hot showers. The morning was chilly and clear – this is what the lake in front of the bathhouse looked like when I got there.

This is the front of the bathhouse – The light was hitting it just right. I was luxuriating in the hot water running through my hair when I realized I had forgotten my bar of soap and MY TOWEL! Damn! I spent the rest of this awesome shower wondering how I was going to dry myself off and my hair too before stepping out in the cold air. I also left my hair dryer in the LG. There was a turbo hand dryer that worked pretty good and just then Rick showed up. He too had forgotten his towel so he went back for it and my hair dryer . My hero! Needless to say, I still enjoyed the shower and clean styled hair all day.

This is the drive out of the resort. Beautiful grounds and a great nights sleep!

Tip: Don’t forget your towels.

Feet in Ilinois

Good night’s sleep at the Pilot Travel Center in Tuscola. This is farm land. We liked for a camp ground but closest was 50 miles away and it was already 8 pm. Starting to get a new appreciation for truck stops. Seems like if there’s an open spot in one then you can park in it.

The home schoolers on their field trip gravitated to Simon on the Mark Twain River Boat tour.

Hoping to reach Little Guy world headquarters today and show em how the license plate holder doesn’t hold.

Hannibal, Missouri

We arrived in Hannibal just in time to take the one riverboat tour scheduled today. Simon was allowed to come along! Lots of Mark Twain type stories along with history of the area.

We enjoyed the tour while Simon made friends with a bunch of kids who are home schooled and on a field trip.

While Rick did some work at a local coffee shop, Simon and I took our own tour of the town. We climbed up a couple hundred steps to the lighthouse overlooking the river and town . We are having great weather with cool nights and warm days.

View from the lighthouse. Upon returning to the car, we realized our trailer license plate was missing – probably blown off in yesterday’s wind. Several calls to Chaffee county clerk, Colorado DMV and a local county clerk ran us around in circles with no real help. We decided to take the risk of no plate and deal with it when we get home.
Tonight we are in Tuscola, IL in a Pilot truck stop. Just a word about our Little Guy – we are sleeping so well that we are getting late starts in the morning! The bed is so comfortable, we have figured out our “systems” so everything has a place and Simon has slept with us each night. It’s working out perfectly !
Tomorrow we are taking a different route than planned to avoid Indianapolis. I’ll let you know how that works out for us. Sent from my iPhone