Timber Woods Camping Resort, Van Wert, Ohio

While driving in we sarcastically wondered if we’d find a level place to park at this campground. Obviously it would not a problem based on the surrounding terrain. Lots of farm land here with no horizon, at least like we’re used to, as far as the eye can see.
img 7108

Beautiful grassy primitive camp sites. We’re the only ones here. There are lots of RVs over in the full hook up section but there seem to be very few people around.

We did get a visitor that stopped by for no apparent reason. Kevin just sort of pulled up and started talking to us. He asked where we were from and had lots of the usual questions about our trailer, how many does it sleep, how much did it cost. He did leave after a while.

Overall this was a nice place to stay. Firewood from a high pile was available and it was quiet and peaceful. The only thing that bothered a little was the light smoke from a nearby smoldering pile. I doubt it would’ve been burning during regular camping season. And the smell of cigarette smoke in the bathroom/showers was a little offensive.

Gettin started back

We’re just getting going on our way back to Colorado. Stopped to get gas and this gentleman wanted to know all about our Little Guy. Turns out his name is Jerry. He kept calling it the “bomb.” We gave him a brochure courtesy of Little Guy WHQ. Said he was “sold!”

Stopped at Yankee Boy Harley Davidson on the way out for the fun of it. Simon and Susan were telling me to just let’s go.

Category for Info

On our first night of camping with Shadow, we had two separate people stop by our camp site to check out our Little Guy. The first guy from New Mexico was very animated and excited calling out to someone, “Hey honey! This is what we need! This’ll do everything we want!” The next person was a lady walking her dog and was very impressed with our camp site and said she was going to tell her husband all about it. We’ve also heard stories on the Little Guy forum about how we should probably carry Little Guy brochures so we can hand ’em out. From now on, when we’re on the road, I’m going to take a picture of every person that asks us about our Little Guy and post it here, maybe with a few bits of info like where they are from and their names. I’m creating a category on this site called “LG Queries” to label them.

I think I’m going to create a list of links in the sidebar as well, so that when someone asks us about our Little Guy we can just point ’em to this website to start their research. It might be a way of gathering followers too.