Wendy and Matt’s House in Iowa


Lots of rain and moisture on our drive today. This is where we are spending tonight and maybe tomorrow night. Nice and peaceful and quieter than last night that’s for sure. There is an extensive bicycle trail system in Adel and we’re hoping to explore them a little. There are covered bridges here that inspired the novel and movie Bridges of Madison County. And it is very near the birthplace of John Wayne! Sure is nice to have friends along the way.

Nice Man Named Channi [chun-nee]

Channi was camped across from our site. We had some interesting conversations about everything from water quality to bicycle engineering. Simon really like Channi and wished him a good morning each day with some friendly barking. We laughed one night when Channi was standing in the road wearing all black and back lit from the twilight sky. He startled Simon who thought he was seeing a ghost.

Tom and Janice

Nice to meet Tom and Janice while camping at Hahn’s Peak Lake CG. They said they liked the idea of tear drop trailers and were going to look into them. I hope they do. They have lots of experience traveling and living on a boat. We compared the similarities to traveling with a tear drop.

Camping close to home

We’ve been wanting to stay at the Angel of Shavano campground ever since we checked it out this spring before it opened. We had our favorite spots pre-selected and were happy when we got site 10. It’s right on the creek which is running big right now because of the snow melt.
We’re stocked and paid for for the next three nights and may just stay longer. Rick made a run into town this morning to do a little work and come back with some things we forgot. It’s 15 miles back to the house.
The bike ride four miles back to highway 50 is steeper than we thought. 1600 vertical for the 10 miles Rick rode our first day here. I’m still working up the courage to just do it.
We enjoyed a tasty meal and fell asleep to the sound of the creek and rain. Life is good.
Friends John and sherry plan to join us tomorrow. There’s lots of open spots but more campers tonight than last night. We wonder if it’s ever full.

These two guys walked through our campsite on the first day we were here. Moose One and Moose Two!

Bill and Tucker

We met Bill and Tucker the first night we got to Rianna Campground. They were out walking and stopped to say hi while we were setting up. Bill and his wife Pam are full time RV’s.  Later on our walk Bill and Pam invited us into their trailer. It was huge! She said that with the car in tow the whole rig is 65 feet long. They have trouble sometimes finding places to park. She said that campgrounds built by the Army Corp of Engineers are always built the best, so that’s the kind they look for.

Bill and Dee

Bill and Dee were very curious about our trailer. We opened it up for them to see inside front and back. That’s Bella. Simon seemed to like her.

I Had To Pee and Didn’t See

We stopped in Mayhill, NM for a little break. There’s a nice little park there with a well kept lawn, shade, and ready doggie bags. Simon loved it. But I had to relieve myself too. Across the road was a cafe/restaurant. About fifty yards up the road was a convenience store. I thought it only fair to use the store since I didn’t plan on eating.

As I approached the entrance I noticed the sign with red letters about needing to buy something if you’re going to use the restroom. No big deal I thought I’ll just get a candy bar or something. I rushed in and found the bathrooms. One was out of order and one that I used had the hot water turned off and no way to dry my hands. No big deal. I just shook them dry. I found the candy bars and got one of the smaller Snickers. I was surprised when the older man with greasy hair rung up my purchase as $1.38. Expensive I thought for the small candy bar. I felt like making a comment about it but thought it wasn’t that big a deal and just paid. When I stepped outside Susan asked what being in there was like and pointed out the other signs all over the windows. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see them before I went in. If I had I might have just peed on the side of the building.

We were offended even though we believe in everyone’s right to free speech. I would not have gone into this store if I had been paying attention.

Tip: Look before you patronize.