Stopped in at world headquarters

Got a great welcome today at Little Guy Headquarters in Massillon, OH. Joe showed us around and made us feel right at home.

Scott checked out our blog and even mentioned us on Facebook! We’re getting lots of new followers so we suppose we better keep track of our spelling. Most our posts are done via smartphone and autocorrect gets us sometimes. Thanks checking us out!

If you happen to stop by Little Guy WHQ you might be surprised to get a t-shirt. This one is from the annual rolling home rally. We’re thinking about going to it next year.

You may remember our license plate blew off on the first day of our trip. Scott made a call down to the manufacturing plant. We went down right away and they installed a new version of their license plate holder and washed our little guy while they were at it. This is Richard who installed it. Everyone at the plant was great. Real friendly and professional. I wish we’d had more time to take the official tour. Maybe on the way back through.

Here’s our new license plate holder.

2 Replies to “Stopped in at world headquarters”

  1. We live in Warren,Pa (about 1 hr N of Clearfield and about 3-1/2hrs from Massillon). We’re going to WHQ to pick up our new 5Wide next week. Most of all, we are planning our bucket-list trip out west next year and we are paying CLOSE attention to you guys! We travel exactly the way you do…sleep in WalMart or Cracker Barrel. We even travel with our little dog Rider.

    We love your blog. I hope we have one just like it next year!

    1. Cool! We stayed at the Clearfield Walmart last night. Nice and quiet mostly. They have signs all over the place asking diesels to not idle while parked. We’ve found that the idling becomes like white noise after a while. Thanks for the tip on Cracker Barrel. We’ll have to keep our eye out for those too! Thanks for following. Look forward to seeing your blog when you get it going.

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