A walk in the woods

A mountain biker came passed our campsite on a trail we hadn’t seen. We decided to follow it and we weren’t disappointed. It’s hunting season so we dressed in bright colors and put a scarf on Simon. It was a perfect day for a hike.

Rainy morning

This time we’re were ready for it. It’s not too cold 🥶 but we still needed coffee. Here’s Susan getting it ready and here’s Rick “helping.”

Last night in camp

We really got lucky with this site. With all the hunters on the road with their atvs and horse trailers, we are not bothered by them at all.
Cooked our dinner on our campfire and enjoyed the peace and quiet (except for a quick check on the Broncos game on the radio.) They we’re losing so we turned it off.

Getting out of town

The Decker fire has filled the valley with smoke so we decided to find clearer skies. Tonight we are boondocked in southern Colorado near platoro. We had a fine dinner, a huge fire with the firewood around the area and we are planning on a very cold night. We heard coyotes and maybe gunfire earlier. Pretty quiet now. We will continue to ramble tomorrow.

Our campsite

This is our boondock site on La Manga pass over 10,000 feet. It was very cold last night but we were comfortable with our two down comforters and Simon. That’s Rick showing off his yeti coffee mug he got for his birthday.
We have decided to head to chama then pagosa Springs to look for an equally private spot in the weminuche wilderness.

Guadalupe Mountain National Park Campground

This is basically a parking lot with large spaces designated by faded painted lines. We are in site number 24. It’s the northeast corner of the campground. It was kind of fun the see we were in the spot with the last rays of sunshine of the day. About the only thing to do from this campground is to go hiking.

We followed a paved trail near the Visitor’s center. There are lots of information signs naming and describing the local plant life. I didn’t know there are multiple species of Yucca plants.