Silver Jack CG & Owl Creek Pass

This campground was about half way up the pass and we decided to stop there even though it was just past noon. We stayed in site 10 and were so pleased with the site, the views and the other campers.
We took a short hike overlooking the reservoir which sadly was nearly empty of water. The views from the overlook were spectacular. Even though we weren’t expecting any great foliage sites, we were treated to some beauties.
This morning we were on our way towards Ridgeway. We could only go about 10 mph due to the road and our trailer. But that was okay cuz again the views and colors were awesome. We arrived in Ridgeway around 11:00, resupplied for a couple of days and headed towards telluride.
Henry and Simon are having fun chasing squirrels and staring at the cows that wandered into the campground.

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