Pagosa to Platoro

We left our campsite later than we wanted. Everything was so wet and we waited for it to dry out before packing up. Resupplied and gassed up by 12:30.
Drive to chama was so pretty and hardly saw any other cars. Did see cows on the road. It’s open range after all. Quick lunch in chama. Didn’t need gas but it was $3.75/gallon! Hope prices at home are dropping that much.
We checked out all the campgrounds along FS Road 250 including disbursed sites. Decided to stay in the Lake Fork CG site 14. Rick was happy that there was firewood available. Susan was happy because we are right on the creek. Chilly night but we three kept each other warm.

Always a good sign 👍

Path to the creek

Sounds so good 😊


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