Homeward bound

Stopped in Gunnison for lunch and caught up on the news etc. Read that a weather system was moving in ( we could feel it in Gunnison). So very reluctantly we headed for home not wanting to be wet and cold for another night. It was a quiet ride occasionally reminiscing about the fun trip we just finished. Already planning our next one!
We unpacked and got back into our at home routine. Showers sure felt good! Dogs seem okay to be here but not real enthusiastic. They liked the freedom and fun on the road too.
We love our T@G and how well we sleep in it. Sometimes 11 hours! Guess we were pretty relaxed too.

Gateway CG

This campground is about twenty miles or so from Lake City. Not much going on in town so we decided to find our spot for the night.
We are 7-8 miles off Highway 149 and are at the end of the road. There were several disbursed sites along the road but we thought we’d find the campground. Most of the sites (5) are for tents and maybe two that would work for us.
We are so close to the river! We have to shout to each other to be heard. Simon bathed more than once and he and Henry have been busy all afternoon with chipmunks and squirrels. We gathered wood and built a fire -first one on this trip.
A railroad went through here until 1933 connecting Lake City with Sapinero near Blue Mesa. Tomorrow we will take the cutoff road to highway 50, another first for us.

Camping close to home

We’ve been wanting to stay at the Angel of Shavano campground ever since we checked it out this spring before it opened. We had our favorite spots pre-selected and were happy when we got site 10. It’s right on the creek which is running big right now because of the snow melt.
We’re stocked and paid for for the next three nights and may just stay longer. Rick made a run into town this morning to do a little work and come back with some things we forgot. It’s 15 miles back to the house.
The bike ride four miles back to highway 50 is steeper than we thought. 1600 vertical for the 10 miles Rick rode our first day here. I’m still working up the courage to just do it.
We enjoyed a tasty meal and fell asleep to the sound of the creek and rain. Life is good.
Friends John and sherry plan to join us tomorrow. There’s lots of open spots but more campers tonight than last night. We wonder if it’s ever full.

These two guys walked through our campsite on the first day we were here. Moose One and Moose Two!

Day 7 – Roanoke to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

img 7071
img 7071

Woke up to partly cloudy skies and headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway. Skies quickly socked in and we found ourselves in thick fog. Every now and then the skies cleared and we could see the beauty of the mountains and Shenandoah national park. But it was frustrating not to have the sunny days we are used to so we got off the parkway and decided to go further than we thought to shorten our day tomorrow.
When we got to Chambersburg it was deja vu. We had been to this Walmart before! Checking our blog confirmed this. Shortly after we arrived a big RV parked behind of us. Same thing happened the last time we were here!

We are road weary and ready to reach our destination. Simon’s ear hurts him now so we want to take care of that.

Day 6 – Frozen Head state park to Roanoke, VA

Late start after taking long hot showers in the campground. Finally on the road by 9:30 but we soon realized we were now in the eastern time zone so it was really 10:30.
Took the back roads to Bristol VA enjoying the scenery and conversations. Ricks back was bothering him so we decided to stop for a while and decide where to stop got the night. Losing that hour made for a short travel day. Campgrounds were expensive so we headed for Roanoke and hopefully a friendly Walmart. Got lucky again and we’re all tucked in a rear corner of the parking lot.
We’re starting to be concerned about Simon’s ear which we think is infected. He still has a good appetite and is as active as he can be while traveling but his ear is clearly bothering him. Keeping an eye on it and him. Poor guy. Heading for the skyline drive and Shenandoah national park tomorrow.

Day 5 – Milan to Frozen Head State Park

Started out by 8:00. Walmart parking lot was a bit noisy. Made our way through small towns along Route 70 until we got to Nashville around noon. Made the obligatory stop at the Grand Old Opry House but opted out of the 45 minute tour ($24😳). Stopped in the Opry Mill mall for a quick lunch and awesome people watching. Back on the road by 1:30 heading east towards Knoxville. Decided to stay where we could get a shower before moving on. Getting here from I-40 was some serious back roads with sharp hairpin curves and miles of wondering if Siri directed us right. It’s worth it. We are sharing the campground with just two other parties. Quiet indeed.

We were lucky enough to have lots of food in the frig and dined on our own tomatoes and other leftovers. We entered the eastern time zone just as we got in the park so it’s later than we think. We’ve not had any trouble sleeping though.

Day 4 – Bull Shoals to Milan, TN

Spent some time walking around the state park so once again did not get on the road till 11:30. Went the road less traveled and crossed the Mississippi somewhere in southern Missouri. Then into Tennessee where the trees are noticeably greener. Made it to Jackson and thought we’d stop there but too noisy so on we went to Milan. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Maybe Nashville?
img 7274