Trout Run Camp Resort


This private camp grounds is like a huge flat lawn with electrical hookups spread evenly for RVs. It’s got new saltwater pool that used as soon as we were set up.

We were looking forward to a good nights sleep but we’re soon reminded that some private CG can be noisy. Sound really carries here. Guess the wide open space allows for sound to travel. We think that it being Friday night meant that families were here for the weekend with kids, parties, and merrymaking. There was a site across the way that played their percussion music until wee hours in the morning. There was also another camper that had flood lights shining brightly our way. Urrrg. I was able to politely ask the light people to dim their high beams. They were very nice and just turned them off. The music people however just got rude when I asked them if they knew when quiet hours were in effect. They did turn it down a notch or two but they were in party mode. All we could really do was turn on our vent fan to help drown out the party noise.



It has been so humid at night that the moisture collects on the T@G windows and it appears to have rained. Skin feels good though and my hair and nails look great too!

It’s time to go



Simon seems to worry a little that we might leave him behind. Sometimes he makes sure we won’t by hanging out in spots he knows we’ll need to occupy. Like here on the driver’s side floor.

It was a good nights sleep. We’d recommend this park.

Using shore power

Seems like all the campgrounds have electricity at the sites. Using it has taken all the worry out of wondering if we have enough battery power to run the Norcold, the fan and even the stereo. It’s been warm at night so running the fan is a necessity. This is new territory for us since we have only used our solar panel for charging the battery all summer.

Site 188 Punderson Lake CG Newbury, Ohio


Our spot for tonight. We were able to find this state park with an app called AllStays. There seem to be CG far and few between in this part of the country.  Guess it’s because there isn’t as much US Forest Service land and the much more dense population.

We’re glad to find this park  These are Susan’s old stomping grounds as a child. She may want to add her own words here, but she seems to remember things as familiar names and terrain and horse farms and such. She’ll see something and tell me stories about her childhood as we travel along the country roads.

Simon is traveling well. We put ointment in his ear last night and it seems to have helped his ear scratching.  It’s nice to have him here as a warning guard dog.


We’re planning on staying here tomorrow until final check out time. The park and country roads are inviting us to get on our bikes and get a little exercise.

Mini Mountain Campground

One nighter outside South Bend, Indiana. This is another one of these resident campgrounds that allow campers like us too. We are amazed that so many sites are here with homes on them. This would be a trailer park in colorado and would not allow transients like us. Very humid. The sky is white. Good thing our primitive site had electricity. Ran the fan most of the night. Heading east to see touchdown Jesus.