Bill and Tucker

We met Bill and Tucker the first night we got to Rianna Campground. They were out walking and stopped to say hi while we were setting up. Bill and his wife Pam are full time RV’s.  Later on our walk Bill and Pam invited us into their trailer. It was huge! She said that with the car in tow the whole rig is 65 feet long. They have trouble sometimes finding places to park. She said that campgrounds built by the Army Corp of Engineers are always built the best, so that’s the kind they look for.

Bill and Dee

Bill and Dee were very curious about our trailer. We opened it up for them to see inside front and back. That’s Bella. Simon seemed to like her.

Getting good at backing in

Was able to back in the trailer without unhooking from the truck. Usually we just pull straight in, unhook, move the truck and wheel the trailer back into place. I was feeling fairly competent this day and backed the trailer right in without a single correction. Thought is was worth marking this as a moment in time. I’ve only been pulling our tear drop trailers for three or four years now. I kind of noticed on this trip that I was starting to get a hang of backing it up.

Day 8 — Pagosa Riverside Campground

We had heard good things about this campground from online reviews and folks at our last stop.  It didn’t disappoint.  This is site 55. Nice hot showers with clean bathrooms. Good thing we set up the canopy cuz the skies opened up all of a sudden around 6 pm and it rained and hailed hard for about 15 minutes. We enjoyed peace and quiet again on our last night for this trip.  In our haste to get to bed, we forgot our bin of bread, english muffins and other goodies.  The racoon had a feast.  You think we would know better!

Day 7 — Riana Campground, Abiquiu Lake

Finally we decided to try and get to Pagosa Spring today via the backroads. Once out of the campgrounds we headed up 14 north, to Santa Fe then I-25, to 84 north. When we got to the top of this hill and saw there was a National Park service campground we decided to investigate. It was another 100 miles to Pagosa and we were starting to get a little tired. This place appears well kept and we are delighted to stumble upon it. There are hot showers, flush toilets, and very spacious and spread out sites.  This is site #23.

View from our campsite
No. 23 at Lake Abiquiu, NM.

Beautiful views over the lake. But it’s very windy right now.

View out the door this morning

It was a quiet evening, after the kid on the 4-wheeler stopped making laps around the campgrounds. All we could do is try to drown out the noise by turning up our stereo as loud as it would go. We left a comment card at the gate to suggest they not allow 4-wheeling in the campgrounds for no good reason. He even took a bunch of laps this morning right after this picture was taken. Sheesh. We left camp this morning about 9 o’clock with no real destination. Just headed north looking for a grocery store. Our supplies are running low. We’re surprised at how long they lasted. We have not been in a restaurant or shopped for groceries until today.

Day 6 — White’s City to Red Canyon Campground Cibola National Forest

Here’s our stumbled upon site for tonight. Again we were headed to a state park and found a national park right near it. We must have made a wrong turn, but we ended up here. We’re feeling more at home at higher elevation and in treed site. This is site 17.

We must remember why we don’t like to camp on weekends and this place reminded us why.  Although we were away from where the families were camping, they had four-wheelers and one young rider was allowed to ride it around the campground loop over and over again.  Rick finally gave him the stink eye as he passed our site and then mom came out on her four-wheeler and then it was over for the night.  We left a note with our $3.50 payment that perhaps there could be signs about no four-wheeling in the CG. Tip: don’t camp on weekends.