Wally World Resort Parking Lot


Looks like we’re going to spend some hours resting here tonight. Seems like a nice quiet community, Watseka, IL.

This has been the longest day of driving on this trip yet. We left at 7:45 this morning. So it’s been like almost 11 hours. ┬áDidn’t seem to bad. Perhaps we’re getting used to it. Main reason to stop now is because of location and Simon seems hungry.


Early start

Our spot in the Walmart parking lot was too brightly lit and busy with traffic to allow for a good night’s sleep. So we were on the road by 6am to start our journey south and west. It took about an hour to realize we were not on the best road and by the time we got back on track we had been traveling for more than two hours. We got to see some back roads and pretty countryside even though it was raining.
Decided to head to a state park in Ohio for the night. Listening to Siri took us to the wrong state park and once again on the wrong road. During the day we had been talking with Pat at the state park (we thought) who said she would wait for us to arrive. As we neared the state park we realized that Pat was at a private campground. We backtracked and finally found her. The state park was closed for the season but not sure how we ended up talking with Pat.
So instead of Pymatuning State Park we stayed at Lake Village CG, a resident owned park in the woods. Picked our site carefully and enjoyed a home cooked meal, a hot shower with lots of pressure and peace and quiet. Glad we had our shower shoes though cuz these bath houses need some maintenance and updating.
Fortunately we knew that it was going to rain in the night so we packed up camp completely and went to bed. We didn’t know it could rain that hard for so long.

Four states today

And now we are in a New York State of mind. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. We’re staying in Gloversville Walmart Super Center tonight. We’re starting to get in traveling mode and didn’t want to spend too much time setting up a campsite. We’ve parked the trailer and car in each their own parking spot to be less conspicuous. We’re thinking of naming our trailer “Lucky Dog T@G” because Simon always gets to sleep with us.


Tbis serms like a really quiet Walmart. At least we’re hoping so. We’re planning on getting an early start in the morning.