Lander Trip day 3

Woke up to a cooler/cold morning. No sun but a good day to hike. Simon kept Rick warm.
We started at the nature trail where we had to cross a suspension bridge over the river. Susan was not happy when Rick bounced the bridge as she crossed 😖. The trail was well maintained and marked so it seemed like much longer than it was since we stopped so often. The climbing sign is for the rock climbers who use this area. We opted out.
We then ventured to The Sinks where the river literally sinks into the rocks and disappears. We were fortunate to be able to get right down to it. In the spring the runoff is so strong that it floods that area.
Off to The Rise where the water “rises”from sinking. It takes 2hours to rise into a quiet pool just 1/4 mile from where it disappeared. Geologists have not been able to determine where the water goes before it reappears. Trout have learned that tourists will feed them so they hang around and get up to 10 lbs!
It never got warm today so it was a good day for a nap, reading and we even took a short bike ride around the campground. Rain is expected tonight so we put away all the things that could get wet and called it an early night.

Right before Rick bounced the bridge

Simon keeping Rick warm❤️

These are everywhere along the wet part of the trail.

The Sinks

The Falls

The Rise

Huge trout

Our site.


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