Lander Trip Day 2

After moving to our reserved campsite and setting up to stay, we went into Lander to get the lay of the land. Needed gas. It was $4.07 at Safeway. Decided to take a picnic lunch and drive the 33 mile loop road from the campground. Beautiful day, nice views (I missed the ones of the Wind River range with snow on them.). Once over the top, the road was rough and washboarded. We were happy to have smooth pavement again.
That took most of the day so back at camp we relaxed to the water noise of the Popo Agie creek, had a nice , un- rushed dinner and took a walk around the campground. Seems there are some interesting hikes right here and we need to find the falls tomorrow. We were then treated to a lovely sunset. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to changed but tonight we are enjoying the 75 degrees at 7:30.

Picnic spot

Top of the road

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