Lander Trip Day 1

On the road by 10:30 after a quick stop at the vet for allergy pills for Simon. Uneventful drive (except when Simon threw up 🤷‍♂️) and beautiful scenery along the way. We followed along the Oregon Trail and had conversations about the early pioneers who came across these very plains. We saw old ruts in more than one place. We had forgotten about the southern Wyoming wind. It’s still blowing 😂
We had reserved site 16 starting tomorrow night but looked online and it was still available for today so we headed directly to Sinks Canyon State Park outside Lander. We were almost in 16 when a camper pulled up and said they had reserved it for one night. Damn! Luckily site 15 next door was first come first serve so we quickly set up while we had daylight, had dinner and went to bed. We are right on a very noisy but lovely sounding creek. Drowns out all but nature’s sounds.


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