Wally World Resort Parking Lot


Looks like we’re going to spend some hours resting here tonight. Seems like a nice quiet community, Watseka, IL.

This has been the longest day of driving on this trip yet. We left at 7:45 this morning. So it’s been like almost 11 hours.  Didn’t seem to bad. Perhaps we’re getting used to it. Main reason to stop now is because of location and Simon seems hungry.

Four states today

And now we are in a New York State of mind. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. We’re staying in Gloversville Walmart Super Center tonight. We’re starting to get in traveling mode and didn’t want to spend too much time setting up a campsite. We’ve parked the trailer and car in each their own parking spot to be less conspicuous. We’re thinking of naming our trailer “Lucky Dog T@G” because Simon always gets to sleep with us.


Tbis serms like a really quiet Walmart. At least we’re hoping so. We’re planning on getting an early start in the morning.

Moved our spot

img 3523
Our new spot

Couldn’t believe that another camper parked very close to us! Finally, just before sunset, we decided to move into another spot. There were plenty available. That was one of the reasons we found their choice so irritating. All the open space and they picked one right near us. They were practically on top of us with the way they parked across instead of parallel.

We’re happy we chose to move. We don’t really understand why the CG attendant put us down there in the first place. We’re much happier with this site.
This was a very windy CG. Nice grass though. Not too many other campers probably due to late season. Sites are close together typical of RV parks.

Anyway we are on our way to Fort Kent today.

Ready for day 17



We’re ready to start today’s adventure. Last night was the sixteenth straight night in the trailer.

Acadia NP is pretty cool. The drive up route one had been awesome. We were lucky to get the last trailer site the camp lady said. It’s fairly quiet, but it’s getting close to the end of their season. We imagine this place is very busy during season. Even now there are lots of people here in the park and on the park roads.

Great meal last night cooked on the fire. That’s codfish, fresh.

Backyard camping


We arrived yesterday early evening. This is our spot for next 4 or 5 days in my mom’s backyard. It’s nice to be able to not disturb everybody’s sleeping arrangements just for our trip. It’s very comfortable back here.

Trout Run Camp Resort


This private camp grounds is like a huge flat lawn with electrical hookups spread evenly for RVs. It’s got new saltwater pool that used as soon as we were set up.

We were looking forward to a good nights sleep but we’re soon reminded that some private CG can be noisy. Sound really carries here. Guess the wide open space allows for sound to travel. We think that it being Friday night meant that families were here for the weekend with kids, parties, and merrymaking. There was a site across the way that played their percussion music until wee hours in the morning. There was also another camper that had flood lights shining brightly our way. Urrrg. I was able to politely ask the light people to dim their high beams. They were very nice and just turned them off. The music people however just got rude when I asked them if they knew when quiet hours were in effect. They did turn it down a notch or two but they were in party mode. All we could really do was turn on our vent fan to help drown out the party noise.

It’s time to go



Simon seems to worry a little that we might leave him behind. Sometimes he makes sure we won’t by hanging out in spots he knows we’ll need to occupy. Like here on the driver’s side floor.

It was a good nights sleep. We’d recommend this park.

The time to pack

It took longer for us to pack for this trip than any other time I remember. Perhaps it was because we decided to minimize as much as possible. In the past we probably would have just thrown everything in until the space was filled up. Well we think we’ve learned a thing or two about what is really needed on a traveling trip across the country. We started packing and prepping, days and days ago. This morning was all about bringing it all together. Where everything gets placed and where we take it from was all carefully considered. I find that walking through the house helps me to know what I’ve packed and if all my daily needs are accounted for. Anyway this post marks the date and time we actually left for this adventure.

June trip


All set to go. We’re heading to Black Canyon of the Gunnison South Rim. Just as I was about to drive off I remembered to take a photo for a point in time.

Getting good at backing in

Was able to back in the trailer without unhooking from the truck. Usually we just pull straight in, unhook, move the truck and wheel the trailer back into place. I was feeling fairly competent this day and backed the trailer right in without a single correction. Thought is was worth marking this as a moment in time. I’ve only been pulling our tear drop trailers for three or four years now. I kind of noticed on this trip that I was starting to get a hang of backing it up.

View out the door this morning

It was a quiet evening, after the kid on the 4-wheeler stopped making laps around the campgrounds. All we could do is try to drown out the noise by turning up our stereo as loud as it would go. We left a comment card at the gate to suggest they not allow 4-wheeling in the campgrounds for no good reason. He even took a bunch of laps this morning right after this picture was taken. Sheesh. We left camp this morning about 9 o’clock with no real destination. Just headed north looking for a grocery store. Our supplies are running low. We’re surprised at how long they lasted. We have not been in a restaurant or shopped for groceries until today.

Day Two — Spring 2017

We decided to stay an extra day here in Black Canyon Campground, Santa Fe, NM. Rick rode his bike up the Canyon, a long 7 mile climb out of the campground up to the Santa Fe Ski Area. Beautiful weather and fun decent. Susan and Simon went on a short hike. We slept well last night. It was so quiet and dark. Well at least after the kids up in one of the group sites finally went to bed. The quiet time in this campground is supposed to be 8:00 pm to 8:00 am. Guess the camp host, if he was here at all, was still getting a handle on his job. We’re leaving early tomorrow morning to Roswell, NM. Hoping to see some aliens.

Day One Heading South — Spring 2017

Left about 11:30 am May 1st. Arrived about 5:00 pm at a campsite near Santa Fe, NM. Here some random shots along the way.

We planned to stay at Hyde Memorial State Park just outside Santa Fe. As we approached the entrance, we saw a USFS campground sign too.  We checked out the state park first but were unimpressed due to muddy roads and snow covered sites.  We went back to Black Canyon and were delighted with the paved roads and sites.  And there was another T@G there!  A bit chilly the first night but we slept so good (unusual for the first night.) Decided to stay a second night – for $5a night we couldn’t resist.

First Stop Rest

I wanted to turn the fridge on. This was our first stop after we left Missouri Tear Drop. It’s actually a rest area along the highway. We just pulled out the umbrella and set it up for shade. We literally had three couples and a guy ask us if they could check out our trailer. I said that I think putting up the umbrella sort of makes folks think we’re not in any hurry so they think we have time to answer all their questions. We are used to folks asking us about our tear drop from having our Silver Shadow, but today has to be some kind of record. We were here for no more than 30 minutes.
img 6530

The Adventure Continues

We have very mixed feelings about letting our Silver Shadow go. We know it’s going to a great new owner who will take it to new and exciting places.
In a few days we will be heading to KC, Missouri to pick up a 2017 T@G. These last three years with our SS have taught us what we love about Teardrop trailers: easy travel, comfortable bed and so much more. Once we saw the T@G model, we wanted the additional head room, doors and windows. Also the birch wood interior which we wouldn’t do without. We’re getting the T@G Max with all the upgrades which will also be an adjustment for us. We are consumed with excitement about this new trailer and can’t wait to see it here in our driveway!

Lunch stop

Got all the way here for lunch on our way to the black canyon tonight. Keep your feet off the ground away from the ants!

Tip: Watch out for ants in this visitor center. You’ll need to keep your feet off the ground.

Fun in Durango

No campgrounds wee open for the season in Durango so we contacted our friends Greg and April who moved here from Salida. It was great fun catching up with them while enjoying the warm sun. Simon got along well with all three of their dogs. We camped in their driveway since they were leaving very early on a trip. We took our time leaving this morning and are looking forward to our campsite in Chaco canyon.

On the road again!

After being delayed by unusual heavy spring snow, we are headed to Durango today. Our destination is Chaco Canyon in New Mexico for some cultural experiences and a Star Party with the new moon. Chaco canyon is a designated dark sky area so it should be interesting and fun!

Our last night

Spent our last night in site 38 at the Colorado National Monument-same site we stayed in at the beginning of this trip. Beautiful warm night with quiet neighbors around us. This was night 16 of the 18 nights on the road in the Little Guy. Looking forward to seeing our garden and riding our bikes on familiar roads.

On the road again

We decided to leave the redwoods after doing our laundry and checking the map. It’s gonna be a long drive home!
We found this site at the east fork campground on CA 299 near Willow Creek. Just $4 with senior discount.
We plan to be out early anticipating road construction as we head east towards Redding and points beyond.

Shopping spree

It was like Christmas at Brown’s cycle! Got a new helmet, gloves, socks, handle bar tape and a much needed floor pump. Oh yeah and it was two fer Tuesday so got 4 bike tubes and socks for Rick too. Still have some money left over for the next time (when my mountain bike sells). We camped at the Colorado national monument that night and I got to use my new stuff on a ride there.

If you’re going through here, stop in and say hi to Chris Brown the proprietor and old friend. Tell ’em Rick sent ya.

Tip: Stop at Brown’s Cycles if it’s Tuesday to buy  tubes.


The cover we used this past winter seems to have paid off. We uncovered our Little Guy yesterday and believe the cover saved the surface and plastic parts from sun wind and general weathering over the winter.

Tip: Covers work well to protect during off season. Custom made ones are not necessary. Go with the automotive kind.

Border Inn

On hwy 50 at the border of Nevada and Utah is a place called the Border Inn. On the NV side they got gambling. On the UT side we found this little spot of shade where we stopped for a break to eat from our own supplies in the back of our Little Guy.

All packed n ready to start

Whee here we go. !!

We left about 11:30 this morning. Stopped in Grand Junction to do a little last minute shopping and gas. Now we’re stopped for the evening in Green River, Utah. With the bikes, trailer, wind and high speed limits (75 along I70) we’re getting about 18 mpg. The winds have been high. When we were leaving GJ we thought we were heading into a tornado or something. It was bad. Dust, debris and really strong winds. We were a little afraid the bikes were going to blow off the top!

Back in Colorado!

Caught this sign just a few minutes ago.

We’re still on hwy 50. It’s just after 10:30 mountain time. We started at 7 o’clock this morning. Looks like we’ll make it home today. Mixed emotions.

Didn’t get all way to Dodge City

Found this cool stone in a road side stop. It shows the elevation of 716 feet and an arrow pointing north. Compared it to my iPhone compass app and sure enough it was north.

Just a shot of some highway from the drivers seat. I take pictures sometimes just to get the GPS location for later. When I get home I’ll map all the photos and have a record of our route. Kind of like electronic bread crumbs.

Susan gave this guy a brochure. I took this picture just in case he turned out to be a serial killer.

We’re parked in the Hutchinson, KS Walmart tonight. Rather than get groceries though we went next door to Applebee’s. There’s a Home Depot next door and we are pleasantly surprised they have an open and powerful wifi connection.

We didn’t quite make it to Dodge City like we wanted. We could have pushed it, but we’d much rather settle down for the evening before it gets dark.


We’ve pulled three ticks off of Simon on the past two days. Gross.

Just about to start driving for the day. Hoping to make Dodge City Kansas before night fall.

Got to ride today

Put in 20 miles on a beautiful loop at the Lehigh Preferred Cycle Center.

We’re camping in a field on the property. Nice and quiet, except for the crickets, but they’ll help put us to sleep.

Taking a break

We’ve stumbled upon an idealic place to take a break. We still need to fix the deadbolt lock on one of the doors, Simon kept me awake a lot of last night, and we wished we’d stayed here last night instead of the Cracker Barrel restaurant. The CB wasn’t bad as far as truck stops go, but here at the Lehigh Valley Preferred Cycling Center, we’re in a beautiful, quiet park hanging out in the shade. It’s so nice we don’t want to leave.

I’m just sitting here waiting for Susan to get back from the shower facilities then I’m gonna go on a on a bicycle ride to get my legs loosened up.

Heading West

After saying our goodbyes to the family this morning, we were on the road by about noon. Simon had to take a couple more dips in the pool cover and a romp on the mud so one more bath for him before we left.
Didn’t realize it was lunchtime already and since we don’t have Friendlies out west, we felt obligated to treat ourselves. We munched on salads and held back on dessert so when we see another one we will be sure to have a cone with jimmies! If you are from New England you will get that!
I had planned a route along the Delaware river (rte. 209) and it did not disappoint. No trucks allowed and just beautiful rolling hills and changing foliage. Highly recommend it.
I could tell by the map that coming into stroudsburg would be challenging. A couple of wrong turns and no help from Siri caused some minor frustration but we finally found our way to 80 west towards Allentown.
Several accidents (one two cars in front of us!!) caused more delays and a few choice words. We decided not to press our luck and got off at fogelsville and right there was a Cracker Barrell! Yes, you can stay here. So after a quick tour of the area including the velodrome in trexlertown , we had a quick meal and called it a night. Almost.
The deadbolt lock on one side of the LG will not open with the key or from the inside. Rather than deal with it tonight, we will share one door and call LG in the morning. Hope this is any easy fix.

Gettin started back

We’re just getting going on our way back to Colorado. Stopped to get gas and this gentleman wanted to know all about our Little Guy. Turns out his name is Jerry. He kept calling it the “bomb.” We gave him a brochure courtesy of Little Guy WHQ. Said he was “sold!”

Stopped at Yankee Boy Harley Davidson on the way out for the fun of it. Simon and Susan were telling me to just let’s go.