Wally World Resort Parking Lot


Looks like we’re going to spend some hours resting here tonight. Seems like a nice quiet community, Watseka, IL.

This has been the longest day of driving on this trip yet. We left at 7:45 this morning. So it’s been like almost 11 hours. ┬áDidn’t seem to bad. Perhaps we’re getting used to it. Main reason to stop now is because of location and Simon seems hungry.

Four states today

And now we are in a New York State of mind. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. We’re staying in Gloversville Walmart Super Center tonight. We’re starting to get in traveling mode and didn’t want to spend too much time setting up a campsite. We’ve parked the trailer and car in each their own parking spot to be less conspicuous. We’re thinking of naming our trailer “Lucky Dog T@G” because Simon always gets to sleep with us.


Tbis serms like a really quiet Walmart. At least we’re hoping so. We’re planning on getting an early start in the morning.

Moved our spot

img 3523
Our new spot

Couldn’t believe that another camper parked very close to us! Finally, just before sunset, we decided to move into another spot. There were plenty available. That was one of the reasons we found their choice so irritating. All the open space and they picked one right near us. They were practically on top of us with the way they parked across instead of parallel.

We’re happy we chose to move. We don’t really understand why the CG attendant put us down there in the first place. We’re much happier with this site.
This was a very windy CG. Nice grass though. Not too many other campers probably due to late season. Sites are close together typical of RV parks.

Anyway we are on our way to Fort Kent today.

Ready for day 17



We’re ready to start today’s adventure. Last night was the sixteenth straight night in the trailer.

Acadia NP is pretty cool. The drive up route one had been awesome. We were lucky to get the last trailer site the camp lady said. It’s fairly quiet, but it’s getting close to the end of their season. We imagine this place is very busy during season. Even now there are lots of people here in the park and on the park roads.

Great meal last night cooked on the fire. That’s codfish, fresh.

Backyard camping


We arrived yesterday early evening. This is our spot for next 4 or 5 days in my mom’s backyard. It’s nice to be able to not disturb everybody’s sleeping arrangements just for our trip. It’s very comfortable back here.

Trout Run Camp Resort


This private camp grounds is like a huge flat lawn with electrical hookups spread evenly for RVs. It’s got new saltwater pool that used as soon as we were set up.

We were looking forward to a good nights sleep but we’re soon reminded that some private CG can be noisy. Sound really carries here. Guess the wide open space allows for sound to travel. We think that it being Friday night meant that families were here for the weekend with kids, parties, and merrymaking. There was a site across the way that played their percussion music until wee hours in the morning. There was also another camper that had flood lights shining brightly our way. Urrrg. I was able to politely ask the light people to dim their high beams. They were very nice and just turned them off. The music people however just got rude when I asked them if they knew when quiet hours were in effect. They did turn it down a notch or two but they were in party mode. All we could really do was turn on our vent fan to help drown out the party noise.

It’s time to go



Simon seems to worry a little that we might leave him behind. Sometimes he makes sure we won’t by hanging out in spots he knows we’ll need to occupy. Like here on the driver’s side floor.

It was a good nights sleep. We’d recommend this park.