Early start

IMG_3133.JPGI decided to move to a different spot in the parking lot at about 1:00 o’clock in the morning to try and find a little more quiet. This is a very noisy location. It was like being in a truck stop. The million dollar RV we were near had some sort of machinery (air conditioning, generator, or something ) running all night long, non-stop! Do I sound irritated?

I threw our step stools into the back of the car and drove around the separate parking lot with my window open searching. I discovered sound can be blocked by other vehicles.

Not a great night of sleep. But an early start of getting back on the road. I’m wondering if I-80 is just characteristically lots of truckers.

TIP: When spending some sleep time in parking lots be prepared to move at a moments notice.

A note about packing

Since our planning for this trip was based on minimalism, I started making notes a week ago to remind myself what I needed. Every time I thought of something I put it on the counter or in the trailer. That way I could visually see my pile of stuff. I also packed bike clothes, jackets and my traveling clothes during the week. I did not wait until this morning to figure out where everything was going. I also had a to do list that I kept handy and checked off items as I completed them. Now that we are on the road, I know I didn’t forget anything.

The time to pack

It took longer for us to pack for this trip than any other time I remember. Perhaps it was because we decided to minimize as much as possible. In the past we probably would have just thrown everything in until the space was filled up. Well we think we’ve learned a thing or two about what is really needed on a traveling trip across the country. We started packing and prepping, days and days ago. This morning was all about bringing it all together. Where everything gets placed and where we take it from was all carefully considered. I find that walking through the house helps me to know what I’ve packed and if all my daily needs are accounted for. Anyway this post marks the date and time we actually left for this adventure.

Parry Peak CG in September

This was the last weekend that Parry Peak CG was to be open for 2017. Just a short trip was all we intended, but we ended up spending three nights here.

The leaves were literally changing by the hour it seemed. On the way up, looking up at the Aspens I thought they would surely be changing soon. As it turned out, we kept saying to each other, “can you believe how fast those leaves are changing?”

Coffee is important to us. But wouldn’t you know it, we brought the wrong kind of coffee. These were whole beans! We figured out you can use something like a pan and spoon to grind ’em up. The coffee was a little weak, but still satisfying.



Test Post

Trying to figure out here a more straight forward way of making posts. This is created directly on this web site as a logged in user.


This us right where I’m sitting on my back steps. I’m on my iPhone in Safari logging into this website adding a post. And with media!

I think this might be way simpler and direct than send the site an email.

Sending via email is what we used to have to do before sites were responsive. This interface is just as easy, if not easier, than sending an email.

Camping close to home again


This our set up at Mt Shavano Campground in July 2017. We spent like 5 days here. You’ll notice there are two vehicles parked in the space. That’s because we were making trips back and forth to town. We’d go back to town for appointments or new supplies or from a bike ride then come back up for the evenings. It was really quite comfortable. It rained almost everyday. I think this was one of our better setups. Even during the rain we were able to move about the site and stay dry. You could go from the back of the truck through the 5 x 7 and into the kitchen dining area without getting wet.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison, South Rim CG

This view is from within our site. Pretty tight but made it work.


View of our site from the “front.” This is what people saw when they walked by our site on the loop. We’ve decided we don’t really like this look. We thought it was kind of “trashy.”
We used our privacy popup as a shower this time. Worked pretty well. It also added privacy to our site since there was a family right next door that looked directly into our space. By strategically placing our popup we were able to block some of the view.