Traveling with Siri

There were times on this trip we used Siri (the information assistant on Iphones) for help with directions etc. We found her (or him since I changed the voice to “male” on my phone) pretty helpful and then sometimes, not so much.  If we were looking for a town, he or she would direct us to the mid point of that town.  We followed the directions right into a neighborhood once wondering why we were going there.  If we were looking for Walmart or Cracker Barrel or a state park, we were directed right into the parking lot.  So we had to pay attention up to a point and then turn Siri off when we got close to our destination or we would end up not where we wanted to be.  Oh yeah, and if we decided to stop before the destination, Siri sort of freaked out and started demanding that we turn around, make u-turns or do something to get back on the course.  Pretty funny and we had a few laughs “messing” with Siri.

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