Sixteen days and 15 nights

Made it home about 3:45. Here’s our LG still hooked up. Within minutes we had it unhooked and spun around into it’s parking spot. Unload was quick, especially remembering what it was like to unpack from a tent camping trip.


We spent 16 days and 15 nights on this trip. We are super happy with our ability to pretty much stop and sleep about anywhere. I think we’re going to compile some statistics, but mostly we stayed in Walmarts, and state parks. There was one night in a Cracker Barrel, a couple of different nights in truck stops, and three nights in my Mom’s driveway. Then there was that night at the Lehigh Velodrome which was more like staying in a state park. Truck stops are noisy, Craker Barrel felt unsafe, Walmarts were “well lit.” State parks felt safe, were quiet and peaceful, but cost a little.

Thanks all for following us and making comments!

2 Replies to “Sixteen days and 15 nights”

  1. Thank you guys very much for “sharing” your trip with us! It’s really amazing how we think about traveling exactly the way you do. Can you tell me what box you have on the front of your LG?

    1. Hi John, we got our box from Murdock’s (a ranch supply store) here in Salida. It’s made of plastic, it’s 4′ wide and about 2 and a half feet front to back and about 2′ deep. We’ve found it to be convenient for our fold up chairs, small broom, back packs, tools, power cord, and stuff. I think it’s made by DeeZee (couldn’t find the name on the box). They have one that is shaped like the tongue that I almost got, but this rectangle one has worked out great. I wanted one that was 5 feet wide to stow our canopy, but didn’t find one.

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