The tool box

John asked about the black box we have on the tongue of our LG. Here’s some pics.

I actually wanted one as wide as the LG. That way our canopy would have fit into it. We keep our folding chairs, small broom, backpacks, power cord, bags of tie downs and bungee cords, tools, camping stuff, spare bottles of propane. I got it from Murdock’s here in Salida. I think it’s made by DeeZee.

2 Replies to “The tool box”

  1. Hi I asked b4 about whether you use a rain fly/canopy or not AND I guess you just answered this question….SO what do you use as far as a canopy?

    1. Hi Beachman, sorry I clicked the wrong reply on your previous comment. I added a post with a quote of my answer and a little more info about our canopy.

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