A while back Beachman asked us what we use for a canopy. I mistakenly commented on the post where he asked rather than click on “Reply” to his comment. I think if we click on reply the commenter gets notified, so in this case he didn’t know I answered his question. Have to watch that in the future. Sorry, Beachman.

Here’s a copy of my comment: “We’ve found that while we stay one nite there’s not much need to set up a canopy, but if we’re going to stay more than one nite we use a 9×9 canopy. See this post”

We got our canopy from Walmart. I think it cost about $50 or $60. It was one of the cheaper ones. I wanted one that set up and tore down simply. I have no experience with others so I don’t know if this is one of the simpler ones, but it is pretty simple. It’s not very heavy and a bit smaller than others we looked at, but I thought lighter was better and it’s big enough. Here’s a picture of it in the container it comes with.

IMG_9051It’s 5′ long, which is why I was looking for a tongue box that was 5′ wide. Since it doesn’t fit in the box I strapped it to my bike rack on top of the car. It stayed there our whole trip without being used. I had anticipated using it during the 3 or 4 days we were to stay in Connecticut, but never did set it up.

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