New Set Up

We switched the canopies putting the white larger one over the “living space.” Gave us much more room!
Thoughts on Collegiate Peaks CG: we lucked out with this site with its large space and relative privacy. Although the CG FULL sign was out there were two available sites right near us. We call the smaller wooded sites the “inner city” since they are so crowded with lots of families and kids. We are “out in the county” here and prefer it. Doubt we will be back here this season. Too many other places to go.
img 7087

One Reply to “New Set Up”

  1. Duh. Don’t know why we didn’t do this before. We had always considered a canopy over the picnic table as most important. Now it looks like Blue canopy (smaller) over T@G and white canopy (bigger) over living space will most likely become the standard set up.

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