I Had To Pee and Didn’t See

We stopped in Mayhill, NM for a little break. There’s a nice little park there with a well kept lawn, shade, and ready doggie bags. Simon loved it. But I had to relieve myself too. Across the road was a cafe/restaurant. About fifty yards up the road was a convenience store. I thought it only fair to use the store since I didn’t plan on eating.

As I approached the entrance I noticed the sign with red letters about needing to buy something if you’re going to use the restroom. No big deal I thought I’ll just get a candy bar or something. I rushed in and found the bathrooms. One was out of order and one that I used had the hot water turned off and no way to dry my hands. No big deal. I just shook them dry. I found the candy bars and got one of the smaller Snickers. I was surprised when the older man with greasy hair rung up my purchase as $1.38. Expensive I thought for the small candy bar. I felt like making a comment about it but thought it wasn’t that big a deal and just paid. When I stepped outside Susan asked what being in there was like and pointed out the other signs all over the windows. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see them before I went in. If I had I might have just peed on the side of the building.

We were offended even though we believe in everyone’s right to free speech. I would not have gone into this store if I had been paying attention.

Tip: Look before you patronize.

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