Day 5 — White’s RV Park and Carlsbad Caverns

If you like desert camping then you’d probably like this place. Hot, dry, and windy. This is a private campground. There seemed to be no one here until very late in the day when some other tent campers showed up. At least there was plenty of sunshine for our solar panel. The fridge started showing an error light probably due to the heat. In reality it wasn’t that hot, it was only 87 degrees. But for us that was hot. We kept hitting our heads on the metal awning, so we put our table and strung a cloths line to keep us from walking that way. Susan kept walking into the other side.  Hot showers and clean bathrooms.  We do have sketchy wifi though.

There’s this drumming kind of sound in the distance that we can hear when mostly everything else is quiet. We can’t quite figure out what it is. Sort of sounds like a pressure release valve, or an angry, rhythmically challenged, adolescent trying to express himself. We could hear it all night. If it had had some sort of rhythm to it we probably could have gotten used to it.

Carlsbad Caverns is a site to see. You can take an elevator down to the really good stuff, but we chose to walk the original path. This is well worth the stop.  The kennels for Simon were filled and not very nice anyway.  Since there was a strong wind blowing and not very warm, he was happy to stay in the truck and wait for us. I have so many pictures that I’ll have to come back here and create a gallery.

Note: on the way north the next day, we saw a gas pressure release valve that was most likely the cause of the drumming sound.

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