Test Post

Trying to figure out here a more straight forward way of making posts. This is created directly on this web site as a logged in user.


This us right where I’m sitting on my back steps. I’m on my iPhone in Safari logging into this website adding a post. And with media!

I think this might be way simpler and direct than send the site an email.

Sending via email is what we used to have to do before sites were responsive. This interface is just as easy, if not easier, than sending an email.

One Reply to “Test Post”

  1. Turns out this doesn’t work very well if you’re off grid. One good thing about sending your blog emails to update is that you can create posts on the fly without worrying about being logged on or not. An email will just sit in your outbox until you do get service then send ’em all up at once. I think it results in more spontaneous posts after all. Other thing you can do is text pictures to the blog. Those might sit in your texting que ’til next connection is available or you just see it and send it when you can.

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