Getting Ready for Wandering

We’re getting ready for a little trip north north west of here. We will hopefully visit Crater Lake National park for a little while then maybe Bend for a little. Not sure what direction after that. I bet we end up going down the Cali coast. I’m just testing this site before we leave.

It’s been a busy few months finishing some work to free up this time. Last couple days getting gear ready. Got new tires on the trailer. They are radials this time. The last ones seemed to wear out too fast.


Thought I’d walk around the yard and shoot the current stage of packing.

In the house we’ve got three new plastic boxes that were using to help organize. We jokingly say one is mine, one Susan’s and one is Simons. I insisted on having one to keep outside my door in the night. It’s a way to keep space open inside and keep things near at hand and dry. Last trip I kept one outside my door and really noticed how handy it was. So this time I’m planning on it.

There’ll be more pics later.  I’d like to keep our trip updated here. We talked about giving it (this trip) a special name so we can name pics and folders to find pics and info in the future. We find it makes a pretty good travel log.

More to come!


  1. Radial tires work better than original bias ply tires.
  2. Bikes inside truck didn’t really work out.

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