Visit to Pleasant Valley Tear Drop Trailers

Since we’re in the area we stopped in to say hi where our T@G was born. Thought we’d ask a few questions that might make our lives easier. We had the the great pleasure of talking with Austin at their service center. He was able to help us with all the questions we could think of on the spot. He told us how to install extra charging stations near the front inside of our trailer. And he helped us upgrade our rear galley latch handles. We talked about tire presure, tongue weight, inside structural design, grease in the hubs, battery usage, refrigerator use, engineering wizards (Michigan Mike), and lots more. We probably spent an hour and a half with him. Susan and I agreed afterwards that it should probably be a requirement of all new tear drop owners to have a meeting like this. We came away feeling like we are much better and prouder T@G owners.
img 7103

We’d highly recommend taking a visit if you can. Just the drive through this beautiful part of the country is worth it. Maybe it was just because it was such a beautiful day, but this part of Amish country is breath taking. It’s no wonder they named their company Pleasant Valley Tear Drop Trailers.

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