First night

We got out of Salida around 1:30 after a morning of reorganizing and packing.  We realized that carrying the bikes on top of the truck would free up alot of room inside so Rick modified his ladder rack to hold the bikes.  Nice job!  We got to Gunnison to stop at our favorite camping store, Gene Taylor, and found our stadium chairs and a replacement skillet for the one we forgot.  Back on the road we ended up at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park campground and set up in Loop C.  A beautiful rainbow and yummy grilled veggies for dinner was all we needed.  It rained off and on and our new umbrella worked really well – just moved it wherever we needed it to be.  Simon is dealing with his new environment and will most likely get more comfortable as the days go by.

Today we are on our way to Grand Junction and Brown’s Cyclery to consign my Trek mountain bike and shop with the credit I have there for selling my Pinarello.  Should be a fun day!  Not sure where we will be tonight.  Stay tuned.



  1. Bikes don’t go well inside the pickup topper because we need that storage space for camping gear and they are too hard to get out. Bikes are better outside.
  2. Square frying pan works better on a propane stove with wind guards.

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