Lander trip day 4

We got rained on last night! We were prepared though and the important things stayed dry. We woke up to the last remnants of fog in front of us.
After breakfast our plan was to head into Lander to see the museums and then shower at the community pool. The Fremont county(where Lander is) museum was full of historical area items. Very similar to Salida with farming, mining, Indian lore and outlaws and now tourism. Two floors of amazing items. Too hard to take pictures but we did think the Sinks Canyon Ski Area (now defunct) was worth remembering. Enjoy the video. It was a local hill with mostly beginner and intermediate runs. Not enough to keep the locals happy when the big hills of Jackson Hole are beckoning.
We then went next door to the Pioneer Museum which is reconstructed pioneer homes and businesses. Very well preserved and again much like Salida’s early days.
We were really looking forward to a shower at the pool but due to their swim team schedule it didn’t work out for us. We decided to go to Thermopolis tomorrow for some hot springs and showers there.
On the way home the wind picked up fast and was blowing dirt and debris across the road. When we got to our campsite it wasn’t any better. We quickly cooked dinner, ate fast and took our evening walk. That was cut short when it started raining again. It was only 7:30 but we were inside where we were impressed with how quiet it was. The wind was rocking the camper – a bit disconcerting. By 9 the wind had died down and we were able to relax and sleep. Oh that Wyoming wind!


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