Lander Trip Day 5

We headed to Thermopolis after breakfast thinking of the nice hot water and a shower. Our trip was delayed due to the homecoming parade down Main Street! We got out, waved, scooped up candy and enjoyed the home town feel. Their parade was longer than the one In Salida.
The hot springs did not disappoint. Beautiful park on the way to the Tepee Hot Springs. For $12.50 plus $.75 locker fee, this was worth it. We soaked in hot hot water then cooled off in the warm pool then back to the hot pool. It was not crowded and very pleasant. Just when we decided to leave, the families and swim/soak crowds showed up. The water level in the pools must have overflowed! We grabbed lunch at the food truck and headed home.
On the way home, we decided to leave for Salida in the morning. We felt we had done all we could do without extending our stay. So homeward bound! We won’t miss the Wyoming wind.
Back at camp, we realized that the weekend campers had arrived (it’s Friday) so our decision to leave was probably a good one.
This campground/campsite has been one of the best! The site was private, water sounds were constant ❤️, and the place was clean with respectful campers. Not sure we could duplicate this. One downside is the slope of the sites. There’s not a level one in the whole campground.
All of our camper systems worked like they should. We had enough water, propane, food and supplies for four days before needing to restock. We are going home with very little to unpack. This was a new kind of trip for us. Not having to tear down and set up the camper and move to a new area and find another campsite took a lot of stress off of us. Lander and surrounding areas were enough to keep us engaged. Where to next?

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