We wanted to check out the campground in Platoro (Mix Lake). There were no other campers there and we did not see one site that would be suitable and duplicate what we have at Lake Fork. So we will stay put for at least one more night.
While in Platoro, we stopped at the valley lodge and got some good information. Road 250 goes to Del Norte! So that will be our way back instead of going to Antonito.
We also learned that Platoro is inaccessible in the winter with 10 feet of snow. Some hardy folks come in by snowmobile. There’s lots of four wheeling, fishing, hiking and the Canada to Mexico bike trail comes through Platoro. And there’s lots of hummingbirds too!
The rest of the day was spent in camp waiting out the rain and colder temps. Simon had fun digging for moles. He was a mess but cleaned himself up in the river so it’s all good now.

Playing with my camera

More playing


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