Road to Rico and Trout Lake

Woke up to howling wind making bike riding not fun so we took a drive to Rico. The colors along the way over Lizard Head Pass were spectacular. Pics don’t capture the colors. Stopped at the Rico museum and visited with the volunteer while learning about the history of Rico. There was a chili cook off going on but only about 4 people were there so we opted out. Not much else going on but they did have excellent cellular coverage.
We stopped at Trout Lake on the way back. Nice summer community but we think the water is cold. Historic train route went through this area and they preserved the trestle.
Back at camp we decided to go into telluride and take showers at Town Park. Great idea! $3 for five minutes of hot water.
People in the next campsite are Andrew and Lisa from Rhode Island. Visited with them after dinner.

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