Exploring Pitkin and beyond

Walled into Pitkin from our campsite about 1/2 mile. Not much going on but a general store with locals having coffee on the front porch. Learned that Pitkin is 9200’ and mostly seasonal services. Nice neat community.
Drove to Middle Quartz Campground which was also suggested by the host at Snowblind. On the way we saw several places to boondock with the T@G. Road was rough in a few places but passable. Saw a moose along the road but didn’t join the group of gapers to look at it.
The Campground is pretty much boondocking with a table, fire pit and a pit toilet. We felt very lucky to be there. We need to look up where we were and what mountains we were looking at. Maybe Shavano?
There was also a stagecoach stop there that was used from 1880-1882. When to Tincup and beyond. Pretty interesting area and so close to home!

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