Luanne and Steve

These really nice folks are from Indiana. Turns out they had one of the original Little Guy 4 x 8 trailers. So they knew all about tear drops but said it looks like they’ve come a long way since they had theirs. Steve said they ended up selling theirs for one and a half times more than what they paid for it. We were able to share info about locations in Colorado they might visit while here. They shared some of their camping experiences with us, mostly about maintenance issues. He said he used to carry an extra set of wheels bearings and grease for the their trailer just in case. He said they’d go on 6000 mile trips. Made me wonder if extra bearings might be a good idea. Little Guy says the bearings need to be repacked every year or some sort of mileage. I’m hoping there are some zerks under there.
img 6674

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