Hannibal, Missouri

We arrived in Hannibal just in time to take the one riverboat tour scheduled today. Simon was allowed to come along! Lots of Mark Twain type stories along with history of the area.

We enjoyed the tour while Simon made friends with a bunch of kids who are home schooled and on a field trip.

While Rick did some work at a local coffee shop, Simon and I took our own tour of the town. We climbed up a couple hundred steps to the lighthouse overlooking the river and town . We are having great weather with cool nights and warm days.

View from the lighthouse. Upon returning to the car, we realized our trailer license plate was missing – probably blown off in yesterday’s wind. Several calls to Chaffee county clerk, Colorado DMV and a local county clerk ran us around in circles with no real help. We decided to take the risk of no plate and deal with it when we get home.
Tonight we are in Tuscola, IL in a Pilot truck stop. Just a word about our Little Guy – we are sleeping so well that we are getting late starts in the morning! The bed is so comfortable, we have figured out our “systems” so everything has a place and Simon has slept with us each night. It’s working out perfectly !
Tomorrow we are taking a different route than planned to avoid Indianapolis. I’ll let you know how that works out for us. Sent from my iPhone

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