Black Canyon of the Gunnison

We had such a good time in the spring at this national park that we wanted to go back.  Our favorite site A-9 was already booked so we reserved site A-34.  Not as nice but we made it work.  Set up in the rain – white canopy and patio mat first.  Good system.IMG_7189

IMG_7202 We spent three nights here riding our road bikes on the rim, hiking the trail that allows dogs and checking out the diversion tunnel set up to send water to the Uncompaghre Valley.  We saw a young bear on the road back from the diversion tunnel! Also went to the Montrose Aquatic Center for a short swim and showers.  All in all, a fun weekend and not too far from home.



We are tightening up our “systems” for future travels, getting rid of things we really don’t use.  We left the umbrella at home and will not bring the small aluminum table any more.  We really like the additional space we have after taking out the air conditioner.

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