Shade/Blind Solution

IMG_5747I kind of discovered a solution to our need for blinds inside our Little Guy. In the car one day I was setting up the sun shades in the car windshield. We’d been wondering if we should order those blinds they sell on the Little Guy website store. As I set up the windshield shades I said to myself, “Hey, these might work inside the Little Guy!” As soon as I got home I tried to see if I could make them stand up somehow against the inside of the doors. The ones we have for the Subaru are just about the right size to completely cover the inside of the Silver Shadow doors. Cool! They’re even silver on one side so they match color perfectly. Still I was wondering how we could make them stay. Velcro, sew a button hole, hang a little string loop . . . ? But as we started to use them we found that one side fit into the handle of the door and the other side pushed up against the cup holder. Voila! They stay in position nicely while the door is closed. They can even be slid up or down to allow for ventilation or peeking out the bottom of the door. Also if you need to escape quickly they don’t impede the handles, so you can just open the door without a hitch. True, if you open the door, you have to reset the shade, but it’s so easy that it’s not an issue. Just pull it off, throw it to the foot end of the bed. Then when you get back in just put it in place.

2 Replies to “Shade/Blind Solution”

  1. love the sun shade idea!!1 I just bought a 2014 silver shadow… and yes I need window shades for it… are the ones u used “Subaru” shades? where did you get them!!!!

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