Made it to Mom’s

Susan tells me we forgot to mention our destination, Terryville, Connecticut at my Mom’s house. It’s the central location where my sisters and brother-in-laws sort of congregate.

Frankly when left Salida, Colorado we didn’t know our blog would actually be followed by real people. We just kind of thought of our blog as a sort of travel log for journal of our own trip with our new Little Guy. We didn’t know Joe and Scott were going to make us famous by putting our blog address on The Little Guy Facebook page. Now we’ve got followers wanting to know what’s up because we haven’t posted in a few days. That’s okay. We’ll just have to keep ya’ll updated and let you know when there’s going to be a dead space for a little while. We’ll be back on the road tomorrow afternoon with regular posts as we head back to Salida.


This is where we’re parked for the last few days. It’s right outside my mom’s house. She said we could sleep inside the house, but we hated to have the family shift around and we actually are very comfortable sleeping in the Little Guy. Nice quiet nights and convenient.


Trying to figure out a way to keep the windows open just a little bit rather than the whole way up. They don’t have enough friction in the sliding mechanism to hold them up just part way. I stuck this small plastic box as a block to hold it open enough to keep the ventilation going. We found out that they mean it when they recommend ventilating the cabin while sleeping. Condensation will build up on the windows and the star gazer window which can drip onto your head. I’m thinking it would be great to have an intake vent somewhere other than having to open the windows.


Got to help my brother-in-law winterize their camper trailer. It took hours! Made me glad we’ve gone the small tear drop route.


That’s Simon on the pool covering. He’s not supposed to be there and we had a hard time keeping him out of the water. Can’t let him in the backyard unsupervised; we’re afraid he might fall though. Uggg.

5 Replies to “Made it to Mom’s”

  1. Your trip is fun to follow! We have a teardrop with a vent on either side near the ceiling. I wired a 12V computer fan to one of them and voila, no more moisture and condensation. Just enough air movement to exhaust the moisture. Grab a hole saw and go for it!

    1. Cool! Your fan idea is what I was thinking of too. But what about rain and water from the road while your driving? Do you put some sort of cover over the outside? Thanks for following!

      1. Take a look at them at – they are self covered, I would guess for a marine application originally. Todd @ TCTeardrops would probably be able to tell you where he gets them from. He is super nice and is the owner / builder.

  2. Ct. looks beautiful…I miss it. I used to live in New Canaan. I just bought a teardrop a month ago and I am looking forward to getting out there too.

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