Cracker Barrel campsite

We gotta figure out a better way for Simon to sleep in the LG. He likes to put his nose by the open window against the screen but we are concerned that he will push through it. He had to sleep outside last night. We’ll probably seek out Cracker Barrel again.

2 Replies to “Cracker Barrel campsite”

    1. Yes you are absolutely right, it was the middle of the night and I wasn’t thinking too clearly. All I wanted was to get some sleep. He kept moving around and wouldn’t settle down. It was reletively warm. Didn’t feel any danger. His bed was already set up under the trailer, under my door. So I just open the door, reach out and grab the long leash attached to our rig, clip it to his colar and out he went. He slept fine after that and so did I. If it had been raining or something I’d have put him in the car. I think he prefers under the trailer if he can’t be inside with us. 🙂

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