Deadbolt Problem

Needed to take the lock and handle mechanism apart on one of the doors today. Seems like the deadbolt key receiver is jammed with something in it so the key won’t slide in. Sort of like the pauls are misaligned or something. Also it won’t turn from the inside latch either.
img 2149 jpg

I called Edward at the LG factory before I started taking it apart (Susan made me call first). He told me it’s happened before and the only way to fix it is to install a whole new handle. It is possible, however to take it apart from the inside and move the deadbolt to the unlocked position. Edward is sending a new handle and locks to our Salida, Colorado address. For the rest of the trip that door won’t be able to be locked while we are inside. Guess if we’re someplace scary we lock it anyway and just use one door. Last night we found it was kind of inconvenient to have to climb over each other to get to the one good door.

Forgot to say make sure to remove that striker plate on the end of door first before the screws on the inside.

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