Simon gets to lay in some grass

We’re stopped in Susanville, CA for the evening. Walmart closes at 10 but they said we can park overnight. There is a do it yourself dog wash very nearby in the Safeway shopping center next door. We took advantage and gave Simon a much needed bath. We can tell he feels much better. Now in our parking spot at the end of Walmart’s lot he’s enjoying mowed grass. He hasn’t felt that in over two weeks. We’re finding Susanville to be a pleasant little town. At over 5000 feet the weather here is cooler and the air is a little thinner. Much more like what we’re used to in Salida Colorado. Enjoying it for now. Tomorrow night we will be in the desert somewhere along hwy 50. The loneliest highway.

One Reply to “Simon gets to lay in some grass”

  1. I love following you travels. I have a 5 wide little guy I got three years ago and it is perfect for me and my two dogs.
    I live next to the Sierras in Big Pine and I get out with my teardrop all the time.
    I just got the 5×7 screen room and it is great. Perfect for when the bugs are out and I want to relax and read.
    Have a great trip home.

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