Day 7 – Roanoke to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

img 7071
img 7071

Woke up to partly cloudy skies and headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway. Skies quickly socked in and we found ourselves in thick fog. Every now and then the skies cleared and we could see the beauty of the mountains and Shenandoah national park. But it was frustrating not to have the sunny days we are used to so we got off the parkway and decided to go further than we thought to shorten our day tomorrow.
When we got to Chambersburg it was deja vu. We had been to this Walmart before! Checking our blog confirmed this. Shortly after we arrived a big RV parked behind of us. Same thing happened the last time we were here!

We are road weary and ready to reach our destination. Simon’s ear hurts him now so we want to take care of that.

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