Day 6 — White’s City to Red Canyon Campground Cibola National Forest

Here’s our stumbled upon site for tonight. Again we were headed to a state park and found a national park right near it. We must have made a wrong turn, but we ended up here. We’re feeling more at home at higher elevation and in treed site. This is site 17.

We must remember why we don’t like to camp on weekends and this place reminded us why.  Although we were away from where the families were camping, they had four-wheelers and one young rider was allowed to ride it around the campground loop over and over again.  Rick finally gave him the stink eye as he passed our site and then mom came out on her four-wheeler and then it was over for the night.  We left a note with our $3.50 payment that perhaps there could be signs about no four-wheeling in the CG. Tip: don’t camp on weekends.

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