Site 188 Punderson Lake CG Newbury, Ohio


Our spot for tonight. We were able to find this state park with an app called AllStays. There seem to be CG far and few between in this part of the country.  Guess it’s because there isn’t as much US Forest Service land and the much more dense population.

We’re glad to find this park  These are Susan’s old stomping grounds as a child. She may want to add her own words here, but she seems to remember things as familiar names and terrain and horse farms and such. She’ll see something and tell me stories about her childhood as we travel along the country roads.

Simon is traveling well. We put ointment in his ear last night and it seems to have helped his ear scratching.  It’s nice to have him here as a warning guard dog.


We’re planning on staying here tomorrow until final check out time. The park and country roads are inviting us to get on our bikes and get a little exercise.

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