Morning coffee

It was cold here last night but we still haven’t needed the inside heater. Rick had a bit of cell service so we started watching the presidential debate. It was so awful that we watched an episode of Outlander which was much more interesting and entertaining.
Simon kept us awake some by making sounds like he was in pain. We think it’s his left front leg but he can walk and sit but whines when we touch it a certain way. We gave him some doggie ibuprofen and hope that helps.
Today we will try to get to Capital Reef National Park where we will stay for two nights. The weather is supposed to change and get cold so we will decide then which direction to go. Maybe we’ll end up at the Grand Canyon!?
The sun is so warm this morning. Rick is doing a little web work and I’m just slowly drinking my coffee and packing up. It’s so nice not to be in a hurry.

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