Day 2 at Zapata falls campground

The morning started out sunny but cool. We took our time having breakfast and coffee. The weather forecast was not promising but we headed out to the falls trailhead and hike anyway. Glad we did. Hike was short and moderately steep but the weather was still nice. Falls were frozen and we had to carefully step through a cold stream to get to the bottom of the falls. I didn’t trust my balance on the slick rocks but Rick went on ahead. Simon was pretty upset when Rick disappeared around the corner. I hope to make that hike again perhaps in warmer weather.
Upon returning to our campsite, we noticed the weather starting to change. It didn’t concern us so we took a drive around the campground just to explore other possible sites for us. The weather changed very quickly and it was snowing hard when we got back. Everything was covered in snow. We decided to quickly pack up and leave. That took less than 30 minutes and we were on the road back down. I didn’t get pictures of the snow since we were too busy packing up. I did get a shot of the landscape looking up to where the campground is – just below those open fields. Nice campground, respectful campers. Not its fault that it snowed!

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