Monday drive

We headed out this morning to possibly do some fishing and maybe find another campsite. We found more evidence of the Cameron peak wildfire but no place to fish.
Heading east on highway 14, we did find more campgrounds but none as good as the one we have. We then looked for Red Feather Lakes which our map showed had four campgrounds in that area. Many of the roads are closed and burned out from the fire. It was pretty alarming. We decided to stay put for tonight.
We did find some fishing towards the top of Cameron pass. Rick caught a fish but we couldn’t identify it. Later we found some storyboards that explained about the green back cutthroat and the arctic grayling. It was probably one of them.
We are planning to go to Vedawoo campground tomorrow which is in the Medicine Bow National Forest near Laramie, Wyoming. It’s getting hot.

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