Encampment, WY

We went to the parade which it seemed the whole town came out for. Very much like the one in Salida on the 4th of July. It lasted about 15 minutes.
We stopped at a yard sale which was really a gun sale. It was put on by a Vietnam vet (said so on his hat) and all his buddies. Rifles, handguns, knives and other related items were displayed for sale. We wondered if they were doing background checks on the buyers.
The “camping” at the “RV” park was a new experience for us. The camper next to us housed a family from Cody, WY. They came to compete in the woodcutter competition. As the daughter said, “we compete a lot “
The wind howled all night long. We were so ready to go home that we left after the parade. It’s always nice to see the Welcome to Colorado sign.

We thought this sign was funny.

Our campsite and neighbors

Local kids. There were twelve of them in that truck.

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