Family Time near Steamboat Springs

Karen and Cristin and their families joined us on private land in Clark, Colorado. We went back and forth between campsites for coffee, cocktails and just hanging out.
Karen and Cristin and Jett went on a mountain bike ride on Sunday while Travis and McKenna hiked. That left Dylan and Sedona with us to hang out with Julian and Calvin. We took them for ice cream and heard lots of stories during the ride. We also fed them dinner while listening to more stories. Dylan was the best uncle!
Rick went fly fishing with Dylan in Steamboat Lake and learned more about this new venture of his.
The place we stayed had a barn on the Routt county Historic registry which was very special. There is also another smaller cabin that was recently moved there and is being restored. We dealt with the smoke from all the wildfires in California but it didn’t dampen our spirits. Just irritated our eyes and throats.
It was a fun weekend full of storytelling, throwing the football, laughing and just enjoying each other. Lucky us!

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