Today’s activities

After learning about a trail from campground host Steve, we headed out late morning to check it out. It’s an old stagecoach trail abandoned a long time ago. More interesting was the tribute to Bill Jeffries, Mr. Monarch Pass, who had a camp in a beautiful meadow while he engineered old monarch pass. This was summer 1920. His family set up the tribute in 2000.
We followed the trail a little further until it dead ended. When we got back down our gps showed that we were just about parallel to the start of old monarch pass. Pretty cool.
When we got back to camp, our friends Dave and Janet were there after gathering firewood. We had a nice visit while we picknicked.
We took a drive after lunch to old monarch pass just to get an idea of where we were on our hike. Walked into the ski area but couldn’t get a good look at the new paradise parking lot.
We decided to head into Salida to get mail, take a shower, water plants and resupply before going back for the night. Big thunderstorms forced us inside but not before we stowed everything away to keep dry. The Yakima awnings are working out great. Busy day!

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