Rick was feeling lucky

We headed out early to the park to get the lay of the land so to speak. We walked out to Bright Angel point to get our first view of the Grand Canyon. And grand it is! Our teachers in school never told us just how grand it is. Susan felt vertigo on the narrow parts of the path but soon got over it. Pictures don’t do it justice.
We decided to book a three hour mule trip into the canyon for tomorrow morning at 7:30. We’ll see more of the canyon on a trail we were not going to hike. Then we took a drive through the campground. On a whim, Rick said let’s go see if there are any cancellations. Sure enough, we were able to get a “premier site” on the rim for tomorrow and the next night. Score!
So it was then that he said let’s see about the Demotte campground near our disbursed site. It was raining pretty hard at this point but we found a nice site (37) for the night. Rick admitted that he really thought our disbursed site was too “uncivilized.” So here we are for one night for $11. Our site in the park is $12.50 per night.
Did I mention that our disbursed site was about 6 miles from the park gate? And then it’s another 10 miles to the lodge and campground. We will save a lot of running back and forth by getting that site in the park. Good thinking, Rick!

Site 37, Demotte campground

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