People of the campground

During our two days in the campground , we encountered a few interesting types. I’m putting this here so we won’t forget about them. First was the Odd Couple. They set up two tents. “Oscar” was done in about 20 minutes and was having a beer in his camp chair. “Felix” meanwhile had to have everything just right so he fussed and tweaked that tent until finally Oscar wrapped it up for him. We watched that for about an hour.
Then Betty Crocker was on the other side of us. Perfectly groomed and dressed and wore was frilly apron when cooking in her site.
The Creeper was across the road in a huge RV. He had a full scraggly beard and liked to walk around without his shirt on. His site was right on the path to the bathroom so you had to walk right past him coming and going. We didn’t see him leave while we were there.
Our favorite was the group of twenty somethings who got out of a rented RV at the lodge parking area. The self appointed leader said “we came all this way, we should go to the actual actual Grand Canyon. Ya know? Guess you had to be there but it was pretty funny.
Sorry no photos. Use your imagination.

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